Occupational Diving Safety Awareness Training

Introduction: Occupational diving is a high-risk activity. Organizations that employ diving contractors can potentially expose themselves to extensive liabilities. Diving work must be conducted by a competent dive contractor who follows the strict safety standards required for diving operations.  A contractor may claim they are competent, but are they?

The potential liabilities for employers include injury costs, lost production, investigation and potential prosecution by regulatory authorities. In addition, there is the negative publicity which inevitably results from a diving accident.

The Health and Safety Act of Nova Scotia requires employees, employers, constructors, contractors, the self-employed and owners take every precaution that is reasonable in the circumstances to ensure health and safety of persons at or near the workplace!

This awareness training course provides a basic understanding of the elements necessary to meet your Due Diligence and responsibility during occupational diving operations.

The course will:

  1. Provide a basic understanding of the Occupational Diving Regulations of Nova Scotia and the CSA Standard for diving competency;

  2. Assist in the development of a hiring policy that identifies the requirements a diving contractor must have in place, such as, a sound safety program consisting of safe work practices, and procedures that ensure the health and safety of the diver in the workplace;

  3. Provide a basic understanding of a comprehensive hazard identification and risk analysis necessary to address diving hazards and controls in a typical diving workplace;

  4. Provide the necessary information to better understand the components of a well written Dive Plan;

  5. Assist in the establishment of a process to monitor your workplace during diving operations thus ensuring health and safety in or near the workplace.

  6. Review Case Studies/Lessons Learned.

Who should attend

Supervisors, Managers, Safety Officers, Health and Safety Representatives, JOSC Members and Owners


$165.00 (Members of SSNS or ODSA-NS)


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Safety Services Nova Scotia

For additional information or questions, contact ODSA-NS CEO, Stephen Donovan at (902) 221-8962
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